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One of Three Core Principals

Retire Smart

With all the information out there, you may not think it's possible to retire smart and simple.

Deciding where to keep your money is certainly a complicated process. First, determining what type of account you’re going to keep it in, then, deciding all the minute options when it comes to that account.

We May Have the Answer to Retiring Smart

Although all these options and choices can seem complicated, we don’t believe that your retirement strategy necessarily has to be. Products like fixed indexed annuities, or certain life insurance policies, can help. These products can help you retire smart, simple, and safe. Products like these won’t cause your hard-earned savings to be lost in the event of, say, a stock market drop. And when you’re nearing (or in) retirement, protecting your money from the ups and downs of the market becomes crucial.


Another thing that annuities and life insurance policies can provide? Guaranteed* income for life. These policies can get you a reasonable rate of return** over time, while still keeping your money safe.

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Why Keeping it Simple Matters

Have you already set a date for your retirement? Maybe you only have a rough idea of when you’ll retire. Regardless, as retirement approaches, many people begin watching their finances more closely. If you’re like many retirees, you likely feel overwhelmed. You don’t want to lose your money due to the impact of the stock market, nor do you want to outlive your savings. Additionally, you probably want to leave some money to your loved ones after you are gone. Having to keep such a close eye on your finances to make sure everything is running smoothly could lead to you being too stressed to be able to properly enjoy your retirement. This, in our opinion, is one of the worst things about an overly complicated retirement strategy.

Key Qualities

In our eyes, the most suitable strategies are straightforward and simple. If your retirement strategy requires that you monitor it closely, then it probably isn’t ideal for you. When trying to retire smart and simple, you should look for the following qualities:

 You understand where your money is, and how it's generating income for you
You're confident that your principal is protected, regardless of
market conditions
There's someone you trust to answer your questions and help you come up with your strategy

We Can Help You Retire Smart

Here at Sonoma Financial, it’s one of our main priorities to help keep things easy.

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Many advisors try to make retirement more complicated than it has to be, in an attempt to make more money off of you.

This will lead to you not understanding how your retirement account works, and what the risks that apply to it are. In contrast, we believe that our clients should fully understand their options, in order to make the best choice they can.


We can help you review your current retirement strategy, and determine if it’s right for you and if it can be improved. You can meet with us to have a one-on-one discussion, or you could attend one of our educational seminars. At these events, we educate clients and potential clients on relevant topics, such as the stock market, and how it works. We can help you retire smart. Contact us to learn more.

Together WE Can

Create a simple, and clear strategy to keep your money safe.

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