Planning For Retirement Successfully

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Helps clients achieve their retirement financial goals based on their individual needs. We offer clear and direct solutions to make planning for retirement as simple as possible for our clients.

About Sonoma Financial & Insurance Services

In 2007, Josh founded Sonoma Financial and Insurance Services serving retirees and pre-retirees in Sonoma County. Working with some of the country’s top agents enabled him to leverage his experience. As an independent agent, Josh has access to 40 insurance companies with retirement-specific products.


Josh Sinnott and Sonoma Financial assist clients in achieving their long-term financial objectives based on their individual needs. Josh also believes in offering honest and simplified solutions. Because of this, the firm offers solutions tailored for each client. Additionally, the firm helps clients to protect retirement income from loss in the stock market, earn a reasonable return** over time, and guarantee* lifetime income.

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Throughout the year, we hold informational seminars and insurance presentations with a gourmet meal. In our educational sessions, we discuss how to safeguard your principal and earn a reasonable rate of return** over time. In addition, we discuss the current market conditions and how they may impact your retirement. We invite you to join us at no obligation to you.

Our three core principles:


Safety First

Make sure your money is safe.


Reasonable Rate of Return**

Earn a reasonable rate of return.**


Keep it Simple

Planning for retirement should be simple.

Keep Your Retirement Money Safe

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Many people have a higher risk tolerance for investments early in their careers.

When retirement approaches, however, their risk tolerance decreases.  This is because, during a market downturn, assets can drop and recovery may be slower.


This is why finding a less risky account to keep your retirement money in becomes crucial. Rest assured, there are options that can provide you with protection of principal and keeping your money safe, regardless of stock market conditions. 

Earn a Reasonable Rate of Return**

Is it possible to protect your principal without sacrificing a reasonable rate of return**? With the right strategy, you can earn a reasonable rate of return** (RRR). For example, a fixed index annuity or life insurance policy provides both principal protection and a reasonable rate of return**.

Planning for Retirement Made Simple

Managing your money now will determine the quality of your retirement.

Will you have the money to live on? This is an overwhelming question for many people. In addition, retirees often don’t know what to do when they retire.


Planning for retirement does not have to be complex. So we offer simple strategies for our clients.  Our products are also designed to protect your money and provide a reasonable rate of return**.

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Retire Well

Protect the earnings that you’ve accumulated over time. We can help you achieve your financial goals that will last a lifetime. Get in touch with us to discuss your retirement needs and goals.

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